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Seasoning Beewax Wood Care Polished

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This wood wax is made entirely of natural beeswax and mineral oil. No genetically modified organisms, no paraffin and mysterious ingredients, safe and healthy.

Easy to use and safe: used to remove grease, dirt and grime on the painted surface. It can be used safely on all types of wood. Clean and polish wooden floors! Just aim, apply and wipe, and you can observe the accumulation of years and disappear before your eyes.

Fresh smell: Beeswax has a honey fragrance, and it smells refreshing and clean after every use.

Widely used, general wood flavored beeswax can not only clean and polish your wooden furniture, but also polish teak, antique or modern furniture, tables, chairs, floors, benches, etc.



Material: Beeswax

Size: 3.75*3.1cm, 5*3.8cm, 5.5*5cm

Net content: 20g40g, 80g

Package Included: