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Stainless Steel Wardrobe Multi Layers Hanger

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Closets can be a messy, disorganized place. Our S-Type Stainless Steel Clothes Hangers will change all of that! These hangers can hold multiple garments at once! They free up space in your closet and keep the area neat and tidy. You'll always know where your favorite shirt is hanging!


  • Nonslip Material - Made with a silky finish that keeps your clothes from sliding off. Features a transparent rubber coating that is scratch-resistant
  • Multi-purpose - Use the hangers for clothing, linens, and more!
  • Closet Organizer - These hangers are designed to hold multiple items at once. You can easily maximize the space in your closet with these hangers. Use them for a variety of clothes, ties, towels, blankets...anything!
  • High-Quality - Durable stainless steel material is rust and corrosion proof. You could use these hangers in the bathroom for your towels without worry
  • Strong - Hard, stainless-steel will not bend or warp out of shape
  • Convenient - Perfect for hanging and drying a variety of garments
  • Non-Toxic - Plastic coating has no chemical smell